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Lilha Gibson, Recruitment Specialist

I know Ali both as a friend and professionally, and have benefited from her brilliant coaching to help me redefine my view of myself, both professionally and personally. It can be slightly strange having someone you know sit in the role of coach, but Ali very stealthily swapped "hats" and was extremely effective in only a couple of sessions in changing my views to a very positive one, on a very subliminal basis, enabling me to grow my business and how I view pretty much everything! Highly recommended, highly professional and very open and honest.

Lilha Gibson, Recruitment Specialist

Corrina Kingston, Executive 

Alison is a very articulate and bright individual who is passionate about her profession. Her working style is very caring and full of empathy. Alison is an amazing listener and during our time working together, she helped me to gain clarity on particular topics. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison to anyone.


Simon Murray, Non-Exec Highways England

β€œIn the few months since she came to work in the UK, Alison has already begun to influence the debate about collaboration in the construction industry.  Her knowledge of current research in behavioural psychology and her experience in business is helping us frame the debate and focus on achieving some tangible outcomes. I am looking forward to working with Alison in future.”

Simon Murray - Co-founder of the acumen7 network, Non-Exec Director, Highways England

Member of the UK Infrastructure Client Group


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