Founder & Director

“Change is my enduring Constant”

Born and raised in South Africa, the youngest of three, Alison is no stranger to change and adaption. Born during the apartheid era, she spent her formative years experiencing the shifting changes of a Nation in struggle for change. The uncertainty, and often tumultuous situations experienced in this time of change, allowed her to grow through these times and to finish her schooling career with the dawn of Democracy. This constant motion of change, both resistance and receptive, gave her the ability to view change and uncertainty with high levels of optimism, courage and hope that she carries into her coaching today.

Having left South Africa after completing her studies, she has travelled extensively and currently lives in Switzerland with her husband of 12 years and their 2 young sons. Drawing on her life experiences she has an incredibly human approach to her coaching work and developing new platforms and research areas to extend her business.

She is a strong advocate for sustainable business practices, climate change and instigating change within the education sector, encouraging a more open and balanced learning experience for young children.
Alison specialises in all aspects of effecting behavioural change in an ever-changing world.

She is a transformational coach with a strong background in psychology, human behaviour and neuropsychology. She has extensive practical PM corporate experience in the banking and other large corporate sectors, all of which she brings to her coaching for executives, teams and individuals.

“My work is two-fold, one dovetailing into the other”, says Alison Kuhn.  I successfully partner my clients in their personal development through transformational coaching, whilst helping organisations with their people change.
I believe that truly little can be achieved when working in isolation. For change to be complete, the solutions put in place need to be holistic from beginning to end.

I thrive on working impactfully and helping my clients to be the best versions of themselves allowing them to make their best decisions.

What is stopping you?


“If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important – and you do that by being genuine and humble.” - Nelson Mandela


Triple C Change provides a bespoke service to organisations looking to achieve change positively, efficiently and effectively. 

We work closely with our clients to truly understand their desired outcomes and partner them in achieving the best results possible.

We work with absolute transparency and believe that authentic honest communication is the most efficient and effective route to achieving change.


We believe passionately that all change requires two things, push and pull. Push change is unsustainable in the long term therefore we work with you to clearly understand what the pull of your change is and work with your people to allow them to see your vision and align to it.

Our aim is to provide the ventilation that your organisation needs so that ideas have the space to breathe.

Whether you are experiencing delays due to lack of engagement or resistance to change groups, we can help you to smooth your road to delivery.


We believed then and even more now that the innate creativity and innovative abilities of everyone should be supported in every way possible.

We put our decades of change delivery experience and our understanding of how humans function together and Triple C Change was born.

We all have COMPASSION, we all have COURAGE and we all have CREATIVITY. The trick isn't to create those, it's to nourish and support them so that every individual in your organisation is performing to their highest potential.