Using both her mBIT and NLP knowledge and skills Alison will work with you to build and visualise your goals.


She will help you to change beliefs that may stand in your way and help you to begin to live your new narrative at an intellectual, emotional and intuitive level so that change becomes easy and a joy.


Stress is one of the leading causes of illness, work absence and burnout but it doesn't need to be. At times of high stress our brains do not function at their peak and our reasoning is reduced.


Alison will work with you to help you to understand both your body and your mind and how you can work with them to ease stress even at the most intense moments. Using Bio-feedback she will help you to work at managing your stress through visualisation and breathing so that you can face every situation with confidence.


We are judged on our results.

Regardless of initial motivation what gets true results are consistent good habits.


Using her skills in NLP Alison will work with you to create a strong well formed outcome and look at the habits you will need everyday to achieve not only your outcome but well beyond.


As human-beings we function through communication and interpersonal skills. Those with strong and effective communication will find results quicker and more easily than those without.


Alison will work with you to understand your current communication style and help you to close the gaps to find true communicative effectiveness.

Whether its communicating effectively to gain that promotion or improve your relationship Alison can help you access the skills to reach your true potential.

mbraining Coaching
(multiple brain integration techniques)

I am a certified mBIT coach. mBraining is a beautiful way to begin to understand where and why are you are stuck and how to overcome it. Based on scientific research, this coaching uses the wisdom that comes from your intellect, your emotions and your intuition to help you to take the best direction possible.


I use my understanding of neurobiology to help you to take your desired goal and make it a reality with purpose. Live a life you love!

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