Alison Kuhn, BScPsych, MBPsS, mBIT Coach

Alison specialises behavioural change.

​I am a transformational coach with a strong background in psychology, human behaviour and neuropsychology with extensive practical PM corporate experience in the banking sector, all of which she brings to her coaching for execs, teams and individuals.

My work is two-fold, one dovetailing into the other.  I successfully partner my clients in their personal development through transformational coaching whilst helping organisations with their people change.

As a part of the organisational people change, I offer my clients an end to end survey service.  I guide them in finding the right questions and analysing the data to find crucial themes and patterns. This helps to their guide change in the most helpful direction from the beginning, saving both time and money. I always work with the end-use of the data in mind and I can therefore help to build useful narratives and messaging which acts as a pull rather than a push for people change.


I believe that very little can be achieved when working in isolation. In order for change to be complete, the solutions put in place need to be holistic from beginning to end.

I thrive on working impactfully and helping my clients to be and make their best decisions.

What is stopping you?

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