Have you ever felt like no-one is listening to you? Do reactions to the things you say surprise you? Do you find yourself frustrated when your team misunderstand the message? Do you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over?

This workshop will bust the myths around communicating. It will help you to speak confidently in your own style. We will explore how you can be more aware of your thoughts and language, how this impacts your communication style and how others receive your “intended” message. We will also explore ways you can calm your reaction when other people irritate you. This is a practical experiential workshop that you can take back into the workplace and home to help you communicate with ease and let go of conflicts.


• The Communication Model – what happens when we communicate?

• Understanding your communication style

• Techniques for speaking up with confidence

• Dealing with difficult people

• Managing conflict – taking the charge out of conflict situations • Mindfulness practices

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