Switching off to connect


Technology is an amazing tool that can be used to enhance our lives. When used to excess it can interrupt healthy relationships, be an unhealthy distraction, disrupt sleep patterns and can lead to addictive behaviour patterns.

This is a practical and experiential workshop exploring the pros and cons of technology and what is meant by “appropriate use”. We will give guidance on how to create healthy boundaries for employees using technology in and out of hours. We will explore tools that will help you switch off and connect with people. We will shine a light on how unhealthy technology habits can get in the way at work and with teams. We will help you define steps you can take to connect in a healthy balanced way that supports your mental health and the way you want to live.


• Create healthy boundaries for using technology in and outside office hours  

• Create a healthy culture around technology usage respecting each others boundaries

• Understand the impacts on yourself and others when you use technology

• Practical tools to help you switch off and connect with others • Mindfulness practices

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