Triple C Change successfully helped a dedicated leader to engage with their community to understand what they wanted for the village in the face of a multi-million Fr construction project. Through a survey offered to the community Triple C Change was able to draw out the most important themes from the community and provide them to Rüttimann to feed into their construction project. This was not only a research piece but an important part of the community engagement piece that Rüttimann required to move forward.


Triple C Change continues to work with Rüttimann to help to implement the wishes of the community, looking at Wellbeing in the Built Environment.


UZ engaged Triple C Change to help to create and deliver research into a co-created entrepreneurs course looking to help high net-wealth individuals successfully engage in sustainable impact investing.

Triple C Change was integral in the creation of interviewing questions and techniques to provide an output that will form the design and content of the ensuring course.

Home Desk


Our working from home survey engaged with both leaders and staff to understand their thoughts and feelings on being lead and leading whilst working from home. The themes and insights that the client gained from this have been intrinsic in getting the conversation started on these interesting topics