Mental Health Awareness

According to a Business in the Community report, 60% of employees have experienced a mental health problem due to work and 31% have been formally diagnosed with a mental health issue. This has resulted in an average yearly cost of between £26 and £40 billion to the UK economy. 

This workshop will help your team to gain a deeper understanding of what Mental Health is, how to recognise the early signs of mental ill health in the workplace and how to provide early support. How caring for yours and your colleagues wellbeing can prevent mental ill health resulting in improved overall productivity.


▪ What is mental health?

▪ What is stigma and how do we overcome it

▪ Caring for your mental health and support wellbeing in others

▪ Common mental health problems (CMHP’s)

▪ How to manage critical mental health conversations

▪ Communications skills to increase your confidence in listening and helping your   colleagues.

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